Thursday, May 24, 2007


Welcome to mixotrophy. I set of the template quite a while ago but with all the interesting blogs out there that I spend time reading and commenting on, I have not found the time to post anything here. Hopefully that will change. Please check back soon



monado said...

Well, get blogging!

John Logsdon said...

Ok, Andrew,
You have been outed. Perhaps you could post on today's Eukaryotic Tree of Life Symposium!
Great to meet you,

amstar said...


It was a great session. There was enough content to fill quite a few blog entries. I really liked the flow diagram showing the number of genomes present in the different photosynthetic organisms. Do you know if that image is available anywhere?

elio said...

I am chagrined that I missed the chance to meet you and what sounds like it was a lovely dinner. Maybe next year?


amstar said...


We were all sorry we missed you. Meeting in Boston sounds like a fun. See you there!

Malcolm Pollack said...

Good for you, Andrew! We look forward to reading and commenting.

amstar said...

Thanks Malcolm!